Dan Stevenson Performance


We were very lucky to have the talented guitarist and touring musician Dan Stevenson along to perform and discuss his approach to guitar at our Tuesday guitar group last week. He was able to introduce the group to some really interesting ways of experimenting and exploring creative ways of making sounds on your guitar. Dan also shared some insight into his relationship with guitar and his metal health/ Well being:

“Music and running are the two things I do to keep my head straight. If I don’t do those two things I end up in a pretty crappy place. I’ve definitely always needed something to anchor myself a bit in terms of well-being. I actually found that out by accident, I went through an episode a couple of years ago where I was just having a really bad time. I went to go talk to someone who advised me to do something that gets a lot of negativity out of your system. Picking up the guitar a lot more and playing songs and playing with bands as well as running has really helped. I feel like if I didn’t have those two things I would be in a very different place so I think it’s really important to have things like that.”

We will be putting up some video footage of Dan’s performance soon!

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