Visual Arts at Theatre Nemo


Further to the success of the August performance the Visual Arts group are pressing forward with their Theatre Nemo journey under the guidance of facilitator Rachel. The group has been exploring the medium of simple paper and created a wonderful collection of 3 dimensional objects, abstract sculpture and beautiful light boxes. These projects are interactive and have introduced new skills to the group.

“I am one of the visual art facilitators at Theatre Nemo. For the last 10 weeks I have been working with an amazing group of people…
Although these projects are very beautiful and it’s such an achievement to show case them in this fab setting, I would like to emphasise how important the journey of the workshops are. People not only want to come, for some it’s vital!”

The tutors and volunteers encourage regular feedback from attendees to insure the workshops are beneficial and we are constantly improving.
One group member expressed that if he knew he had regular workshops, indefinitely, he’s pretty sure it would help to keep him well. He also expressed that it’s an opportunity for people to be in an environment by where they can support each other.
Another attendee expressed that they felt they could talk freely about the daily challenges of suffering from poor mental health, without feeling under the spotlight.

This feedback resonates the fact that mental health issues are still a very taboo subject for the mainstream and how important the workshops that Theatre Nemo offer, actually are. These workshops are not only beneficial (and sometimes vital) to attendees but also for family members and their support network. The feedback from Visual Arts workshops have included helping attendees that are shy/withdrawn or who have a difficulty expressing themselves within social situations to improve ability to express emotion and communicate effectively.

Funding and volunteers are vital to the ongoing progress in Theatre Nemo. This input will not only provide us with an opportunity to explore new artistic avenues and encourage new attendees, it will also increase visibility for us and our business contacts. This financial and artistic input insures that we are on track to achieve our goals of helping to improve Glasgow’s mental health and putting on a fabulous final project!

The next final project including performance and visual arts viewing is on 13th December at St Andrews in the square. We encourage all to come and see the fabulous achievements of the previous 10 weeks.



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