Our Work

We have 14 years experience of developing and delivering a programme of very successful creative arts workshops, led by professional facilitators and supported by volunteers.

Our work is mainly split into three areas: Community, Psychiatric Hospitals and Prisons

You can found out more about each area by clicking on the respective links in the side tab, or below.




Current Projects

Theatre Nemo currently runs a number of projects that are open for members of the public to attend. These projects give participants the chance to socialist, improve their skills, and perform

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Previous Community Projects

We provide workshops for the public covering various art forms. This is the main point of contact for people wishing to engage with us, and a link to the community for our more vulnerable users

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Previous Hospital Projects

This service is delivered within psychiatric units and is designed to support patients. The service begins in hospital, but we continue to our participants after they are discharged

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Previous Prison Projects

Since 2004, Theatre Nemo has been using creative arts to engage offenders, to help them gain confidence in their ability to change their behaviour, their lives and the lives of their families

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