Previous Hospital Projects

Previous Hospital Projects

Since 2006, Theatre Nemo has run a number of arts and animation projects for patients with mental illnesses at hospitals in Scotland.

Through such projects, it is hoped that participants will learn valuable skills that can improve their ability to express communicate and work with others. 

A large amount of Theatre Nemo's hospital work is with patients that are recepients of forensic mental health services. This means that they are cared for, but also kept in secure conditions. Theatre Nemo's work with these patients is particularly valuable because it is seldom that individuals in forensic settings have the opportunity to be in control and directly influence aspects of their being without some form of constraint. 

Theatre Nemo's projects allow participants to direct proceedings themselves, which removes this restriction. It is hoped that this will improve the self confidence of patients, and allow them to express themselves more effectively, thus, improving their mental health.

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