A History of Barlinnie - Part 1 (2013)

In 2013, in conjunction with Smithycroft School and Barlinnie Prison, Theatre Nemo began a long-term project to chart the journey of Barlinnie, as a building, as a prison, and as a beast within its surrounding community.

Participants explored the impact Barlinnie has had not only those who spent time there but on the wider community, such as the families of staff.

Our first mentee, making his debut at the exhibition.


Part One: A Living History

This ten-week block explored the participants' own Glasgow, places of relevance and influence in their own history, leading to how they've ended up in HMP Barlinnie.

After exploring facts and statistics from Barlinnie's history in terms of the building itself and how many people have been there, many interesting and quite saddening facts came to light.

A large percentage of prisoners came from a social demographic, of which poverty and incomplete education are clear features

This part of the project culminated in an exhibition within Barlinnie on April 25, showcasing artwork, visual art and audio.

Theatre Nemo also begun a Mentorship Programme, which is being offered to participants at the end of their engagement with our creative arts projects.

STV documented some the exhibition. Click this link to see it.

Theatre Nemo is attempting to gather as much information as possible about the history of Barlinnie, hopefully with your help too. If you or any older family members have stories, pictures, newspaper clippings or even video footage we would love to hear from you.

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