It can often be challenging to raise money for mental health activities, specifically arts and mental health. It often the case that the strength and power of it is underestimated. Donations are a massive help to us and organisations like ourselves. We are a small operation and rely on small pockets of money from a whole range of funders and all of it is short term and is very fragile. Having regular donations helps our organisation be sustainable and provide the vital specialised services that we are able to. Please Take a moment to watch the video below to get more of a sense of what we do.

Friends of Theatre Nemo

The best way to help us and the people we work with is a monthly donation at an amount that works for you. With ‘Friends of Theatre Nemo’ we have created through CAF’s (Charities Aid Foundations) donation platform a way for you to support us with a monthly donation of your choosing. By donating with us you will directly be effecting the lives of those who may vulnerable and isolated for the better. Join us in our efforts to end stigma around mental health and to provide a pathway to mental well-being for all.